December 2014:

Hello! This month we incorporated a lot of
business aspects. Thank you to Mr. Alletto, the
CEO of BedGear who came to one of our
meetings and got us more pumped up for
meeting new people! After that, the different
members of the group went out to local
businesses such as the Sea Cliff and Glen Head
Hardware Store and told them about who we
are as a team and how they can help. Build
season is so close! The FRC blog posted us with a
hint of what our task may be. We are so excited!

January 2015 Goals:

Next month will be the beginning of Build
Season. After the Kick-off the members will be
getting together and will be brainstorming
potential ideas for the robot. We will be working
with our mentors and stay in contact with our
sponsors and achieve the goal we all have. We
also are working on Engineering Night, coming
up next year.

Upcoming events:

1/3/15: Kick-Off at Stony Brook University
1/7/15: Bake Sale
3/26/15-3/28/15: SBPLI Regionals

*Please be sure to sign up on a day during Build Season to feed the engineers!