October 2014:


Robogym is getting busy early in the
school year starting off with our public
appearance at the Homecoming
Carnival! Children and their parents
were eager to drive last year’s robot
“Bernice”. Back in the woodshop, the
team is brushing up on its CAD skills
and learning to make scissors in Solid
Works. On top of that, the Drive Train
is complete for the Half Hollow Hills
Tournament! A busy October was
wrapped up with the Halloween
Carnival at the high school where
kids had the opportunity to drive the
robot, shoot catapults, and design
their own robot.

November 2014 Goals:

Next month, Robogym is going to be tuning up “Bernice” for the Half Hollow Hills Tournament. Wish the team luck! Also, we are attempting to get sponsors and  funding to help pay for the materials needed to build the robot. Every Friday in  November we will be mentoring a local Girl Scouts Troop that has created its own
FIRST Robotics Team.


Upcoming Events:

10/18/14 @ 9:30am: Homecoming Parade and Fair
11/15/14 @ 9:30am-5:00pm: Half Hollow Hills Tournament
1/3/15: Kick-Off at Stony Brook University
3/26/15-3/28/15: SBPLI Regional