September 2014:

Hello! Last month we had the perfect
way to start off the school year.  The team
would like to thank Mr. Creavin for coming to
our meeting and gave us advice about
organization and effective management strategy
for the upcoming season. We also made an
appearance at Back-To-School Night with last
year’s robot “Bernice” and showed the parents
of our fellow classmates who we are as a club
and what our goals are for this year.  Lastly, on
September 21st, our team went to the 2014
Maker Faire at the Hall of Science, represented
the team, and got to see the ways science is                                            applied in the real world.



October 2014 Goals:

This month we have some high
prioritized obligations. First off, we need to
cover the basic engineering principles with our
new members by showing them the structures of
a Drive Train and getting them familiar with the
hands-on work our team does. We also need to
consider with our returning members, who will
take on the position as the head of each
function within the team. With these
responsibilities, we will be able to continue the
year as a productive and awesome team we are!

Upcoming Events:

10/18/14 @ 9:30am: Homecoming Parade and Fair 9:30am
11/15/14 @ 9:30am-5:00pm: Half Hollow Hills Competition
1/3/15: Kick-Off at Stony Brook University- Saturday, 1/3/15
3/26/15-3/28/15: SBPLI Regional