We are now into week four of the build season, and have been making steady progress on our robot. The drivetrain is almost completely designed, allowing us to start building the drive train for our first of two robots. The majority of the robot has been designed in SolidWorks, but we still need to design the climber and the indexer. Hopefully, we will soon have the design of the robot complete, so that we can finish building the robot, and begin practicing for the competition.

The climber design is currently a work in progress, and based off of a mock prototype. We feel this climber will be the aspect of our robot that makes us stand out at competition. Just imagine a 16 inch tall robot climbing a six and half foot high bar in less than half a second.  Wow!

As for the indexer, we have a simple idea currently being prototyped and implemented into our working shooter. If the geometry works out, our robot will be able to get the ball from our intake mechanism to our shooter both simply and seamlessly.

The 3D printer is working properly, so we have been able to print out spacers for use on the robot, as well as a miniature field. We also printed out some small busts of Shrek, which will hopefully bring good luck to the team.

A group of people are working on creating the bumpers for our robot. That’s good, eh? #FeelTheBern


By Kyle Olstein & Kinsale Reilly